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【Extreme of luxury】 The finest top 10 courses course 12000 yen

12000 yen

  • 10items
  • 460persons
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Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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■ Steaming absorbent pot (shrimp, pine-mushrooms, ginkgo, raw fish, three leaves, sesame seeds)

■ Sakura burning frost and four others

■ Grinding Wheat Grilled Grilled Wagyu Beef Black Pepper Grilled Zucchini Young Corn Smoked Salt Sauteed Vinegar

■ Steamed 鱧 East temple steamed amber Bean paste

■ Oils and Products igudo ripe Isobe rolled round eggplant fried red Munakuji Tianjin soup wholesale

■ Nabe throat ice rice cooker (Ootan) Vegetable plum Meat Yuzu pepper

■ Vinegared sauce Tempered green leaf Beadro mini tomato cucumber ※ Vinegar miso only

■ Food stew (ichi cook or boiled noodles)

■ Confectionery handmade dessert iceberg

※ Course contents will be changed according to the season and purchase situation.

2018/08/21 update